temples in shanghai

Temples in Shanghai

The city of Shanghai is based at the mouth of the Yangtze is the longest river in Asia, with many places of historical interest, the swarm reveal the glorious past of China. Shanghai has an impressive skyline, with architectural marvels epitome of the thriving economy of the city decorated.

The city is like a microcosm of China when it comes to religion, the preservation in the five religions namely Taoism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam and Protestantism. A tour in Shanghai, visit some of their temples, churches and mosques, where some of them may have access restrictions and dress codes.

Shanghai is famous for its temples are Buddhist, Taoist or Confucian. During the tour of Shanghai to be a temple, like the Jade Buddha Temple, Longhua Temple, Confucius Temple and visit the temple of the gods of the city as the “City of God Temple known. These temples are the best churches in Shanghai in the presentation exciting and excellent craftsmanship of the Chinese architecture known.

One of the most famous temples in Shanghai, the Jade Buddha Temple, home to the famous Jade Buddha image is called. The temple we see today, is based in the west of Shanghai, was built in 1928, but its predecessor was built 1882nd The old church could not survive through a revolution, but the two photos of Jade were anchored in good condition.

These statues, a sitting Buddha and Reclining Buddha, carved in white jade, while the former is embedded with precious stones. The interior of the rooms of the Jade Buddha Temple shows are captivating and beautiful paintings and writings.

Longhua Temple on the other hand, is one of the largest temple in Shanghai and is frequented by pilgrims and tourists. The temple is located in downtown Shanghai in Xuhui. The first thing you notice when you enter the temple is the pagoda of increase, about 40 meters high, dating from the tenth century. This temple is a large collection of statues, including 500 gold and four heavenly gods Lohan and others.

The Confucius Temple in Shanghai is known locally as Wen Miao and is also known as the Temple of Confucius. You can reach this temple, where the Huangpu district, which proliferates in the middle section of Shanghai.

The Temple of Confucius was in the middle of the 19th century and was built in the late twentieth century renovated. Courtyard houses a souvenir shop just curl up next to historical tables that are of the Ming and Qing. One of its rooms, Dacheng Hall, camphor contains an image of Confucius, and is surrounded by a wall completely described by the teachings of Confucius.

If all that you need a breather from the noisy environment then you can purify the temple in Shanghai in a shelter to rest and relax the mind. If you are an art lover, a culture enthusiast, or just a curious tourist to visit the temples in Shanghai definitely be worthy.

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